11th Hour Walkthrough

WALKTHROUGH FOR THE 11TH HOUR THE SEQUEL TO THE 7TH GUEST. Few people know that you can move from room to room in the 11th hour by clicking on available rooms from your Map in the Game Book. This saves time traveling around the house. You can also use your right mouse button to eliminate transitions (i.e. moving from one spot to another).Once you finish the game you will be awarded with an "Open House" file which will allow you access to all rooms, puzzles, videos etc. the next time you start the game (same as with the 7th Guest).

Walkthrough:At the start of the game your cursor will be blinking. This indicates that you should look at your Game Book. Do this by clicking at the top of the screen. Your Goal is to try to save Robin (your female companion) and, if possible, to destroy the evil house. In order to do this you must solve puzzles and find the solutions to many riddles. Puzzles are 3D games which you can virtually manipulate. Riddles are given to you to solve by Stauf through your Game Book. Open your Game Book. Your first riddle is "Winter coat worn for a mixer." To solve this riddle, go to the Library and click on the bottle of tonic water which is on top of the fireplace. You will get to watch a video clip.

Your next riddle is "Rolling rock, bottle cap." You must solve a puzzle before you can solve this riddle. Go to Brian Dutton's room (see your map) and click on the Cash Register Puzzle at the back, right side of the room. The object of the puzzle is to make both sides of the display equal one another. Since you start with 162, both sides must equal 81. To solve the puzzle do the following: In the top row, depress the number 25, and the last three keys (5,10,10). In the bottom row depress the last four keys (10,10,1,10). In this room you will notice a champagne bottle on the floor close to the TV click on it. Now click on the cork to solve the riddle .
Your next riddle is "Artsy, excited, lecher." Your must first solve a Chess Puzzle before you can solve this riddle. The chess puzzle is in the main foyer on a table near the grandfather clock. Click on the puzzle. To solve it, switch the positions of the white and black knights. To solve the riddle you must go to the Art Gallery. To get there you must click on the middle of the grandfather clock. You travel through a secret passage into the gallery (Stauf will say "Ohh bad move). Click on the painting above the statue on the floor (directly in front of you). To solve the riddle click directly on the Man-Beast thing in the center of the painting.

Your next riddle is "A heart attack could put you in the ground." You must solve a puzzle before you can solve this riddle. Go to the Library. You will see a series of books on a shelf between two skulls. Click on these books. The object of the Book Puzzle is to put all of the green books on the left and all of the red books on the right. Two books are moved at a time. There are ten spaces between the skulls and only eight books. In my solution I tell you to count books. Count only the books and imagine that the two free spaces don't exist. Count from left to right. Use these four moves to solve the puzzle:Move the 2nd and 3rd books. Next move the 3rd and 4th books. Next move the 6th and 7th books and finally the 1st and 2nd books. You will notice a Globe of the earth in this room. click on it to solve the riddle.

Your next riddle is "Battleground." Go to Brian Dutton's room and go through the door on the right side of the bed. This is the passage into the Chapel. Go through the wooden door into the Lab. You must solve another puzzle before you can solve the riddle. The puzzle is on the counter beside a large green bottle. You play this Mouse Trap Puzzle against Stauf! The object of the puzzle is to create a path for the mouse to travel into the orange door (the one on the right of your screen). Playing a maze piece causes the other pieces in the row to slide over or in a column to slide up and down. This puzzle is tough and there is no absolute solution (sorry). Once you solve the puzzle, you can then solve the riddle by clicking on the RX pill box which is on the counter in front of the green bottle. Your next riddle is "Bars deter cuckoo bird." Click on the picture of birds opposite the grandfather clock in the main foyer. Now click on the Robin.

Your next riddle is "Modern art flourishes under the sun." Go through the clock into the gallery. There is a picture on the wall of a young girl in a blue dress. There is a picture of modern art on the floor under this painting. Click on this modern art. It is another puzzle you play against Stauf. The object is to choose the last possible spot. It may take a few attempts to get the hang of this one. You get a video clip after you solve it. Continue to 11th Hour Walkthrough 2