7th Saga Walkthrough

7th Saga Complete Walkthrough. The level of the main character listed are applicable to Kamil. Yoursmay vary by or. Lemele's castle Receive the crystal from King Lemele. Lemele Buy potion and drink water (in the fountion inside the house) to refill the HP by. Fight monsters outside the town to build up level. Rablesk To proceed further you need the key to open the "Gate of the Earth". The ghost of a dog called Romus is in Aran castle and has the key. Talk to Gain in the tavern to get the promise of a MAP when you obtain the key and open the gate. Aran castle You have to be at least level to be able to survive and challenge Romus (see cheat note). OR You have to be level to be able to beat Romus normally in the first attempt. (cheat: at level you will have a tough time to defeat Romus but there is a way. Let him defeat you; when you are revived get the whistle from the old couple in the house in the lower righthand corner of the town. Use the whistle when you fight with Romus.)

Gate of the Earth You will meet Pison here. You have to be around level to defeat him. Bonro Find Gain to get the MAP. Enlist other apprentices to your party (they won't fight you here). If they refuse raise your level and ask again. (In my case at level Kamil asks Olvan to join him). If your main character is Lux or Esuna you might be able to get a ship ride to Pandam.Zellis Find the historian Brantu. You need him in your party to open the big stone in Cave of Melenam. If you haven't enlisted anyone's help in Bonro you should ask around here. Or if you change your mind about your partner try asking around here. (In my case Kamil drops Olvan and enlists Lux). After this town don't talk to any apprentices unless you want a fight. Cave of Melenam When you enter find the red flashing light in your crystal display. It is the Wind Rune. Get it first before doing anything. It will be wise to get out and save yourself when you got the Wind Rune. When you get to the exit (blocked by stone) Brantu will open it. Melenam Nothing special here. You cannot save here. Use the Wind Rune to go back to Zellis to save. Cave to Eygus Pison is here again. He becomes Red Pison and is tougher than before. You need to be at least level to beat him. Eygus Nothing special here. One man will show you to the entrance to a tunnel that leads to the continent.

Cave to Pell Go down the stairs in the back room of the house in Eygus to enter the cave. Pell South SE from the exit of the cave. You will meet an unemployed singing digger hanging out at the traven. Talk to him and later you can offer him a job. Stock up on items; there is no shop in Guntz. Guntz South SE of Pell. Guntz needs water. If you keep pressing the town sage he will eventually promise to give you the Water Rune if you can bring water back to Guntz. Use Wind Rune to go back to Pell and bring the digger here. Patrof East of Guntz. One of the apprentice has grasped control of Patrof and rules from the castle. Find a hidden passage to the castle under one of the tombstones. Get B. Power. Patrof castle You should be level to. Fighting method:. B.Power defense attack (attack again if needed) An easy way: answer YES to join the bad apprentice so you can go through the front gate. After you save come back to the bad apprentice and say YES you've changed your mind. An easier way: let your main character die before you talk to the bad apprentice. In the battle revive your main character. You will get the Star Rune after you defeat the bad apprentice.

Bone Get the remote control from a lost kid from Bonro. You won't find him if you haven't got the Star Rune. Cave of Milto Find the unusual section of the wall. Use the remote control on it to reveal an opening. Inside you'll find a scientist who has created a submarine. He'll take you to Dowaine. Dowaine A boy in town will sell you items valued between and G for G. Pang Pang is kingdom of the Dwarves. If Olvan is part of your party you'll hear about the secret Cave of Laosu. Search the ground for Potions. Grime tower Only Olvan can use the entrance to this tower and he must use a Gold Key acquired in Bone. At the top is a Warp Tile that leads to the North tower. Belaine Belaine is a industrial city. There are a lot of weapon shops so visit each before making a purchase. If you have a wizard in your party you should get the "Muramasa Sword" for the wizard. If you only have Kamil and Lux like I do don't bother (it is not as good as those in the normal weapon shops). Telaine The old man who lives next to the castle will tell you about Luze and the Sky Rune. Continue to 7th Saga Walkthrough Part 2.