9 PC Walkthrough 3

9 PC Walkthrough 3. On ours we had to move up the keyboard to the right five notes counting both white and black keys. Using the chart from the tool shed, the right and left side will overlay. Using the notation clues fill in the blank spaces in the second row by matching the shaded boxes. In the first column add the first two rows of arrows to get the third row (f you have 4 arrows right in top box and 2 arrows left in the second box, the third box will be 2 arrows right). When finished this will be the sequence for the notation clue from the race car. Now play music from notation clues. When it is right, you will hear noises from the monkey above. We played all the notation clues, and the monkey was holding 4 coins to give to Isadora We used the blue coin first and got the key. Go up the red stairway the the hallway. Turn right and go forward to the attic door. Use key on door, open door. Go ahead twice to puzzle.

Watch the way the figures move to figure out how to get to the door at the other end. This one is kind of tough. When you reach the door, turn left and click on the chest. Get the elevator card. Turn right and push button, enter elevator. Turn left and put card in panel. Turn left and move handle to basement. Go forward, you will get a gun. Shoot all the rats, you must reload when the cylinder is empty by clicking on the cylinder in the lower left. You can turn your pistol into a machine gun by holding down on the control key and shooting a rat. When the clip is empty, you must repeat the process. Watch out for the big rats coming in from the hole ahead and a little to the left. It takes about five shots to kill them. This was one of the hardest sequences to finish for us. When all of the lights are lit, go forward to the boarded up door, turn right. Click on the paper, and get the monacle. Put monacle in muse machine.

After the muse machine blows up, listen to the twins, and follow them down. Turn left and click on boat. Explore. Click on anything that lights up, and look at it. The green on the palette is to tell you that green is the missing color in the color number notation clue at the left end of the T-shaped hall. On ours, green was three beats, or play the note three times. Now for the most nerve wracking puzzle in the game. Go to the organ. Here is where you will need your organ keyboard chart again, and the completed chart from the tool shed. Play the notes on the totems from left to right using your second keyboard chart. When you run into a shaded box, play the first note on the top of the totem, then move up or down the keyboard the number of arrows indicated on the notation clue from the tool shed. If the note is colored, play that note that many times, if the box is colored, play the sequence that many times. End of 9 PC Walkthrough.